About Klarafy About Klarafy

Why Klarafy?

Classical music is a somewhat unfortunate umbrella term for more than ten centuries of music. No wonder many people have no idea how or where to start. And that's a shame. Because classical music is a rich, inexhaustible treasure trove of the most diverse types of music.

Because we at Klara believe that that treasure trove simply must contain music that appeals to you, we developed Klarafy: a web tool that lets you discover classical music in a completely new way. Not academically or chronologically, but in the most personal manner: based on your current musical taste.

Rachmaninov Rachmaninov
Bart Peeters Bart Peeters

What is Klarafy?

Klarafy translates your music taste into classical music. But what should you understand by that? You could compare Klarafy to a technological imitation of that eccentric uncle who knows everything about classical music who browses your record collection and then recommends classical music to you on the basis of the records you own.

How to use Klarafy?

- That's easy: just follow the instructions.
- Klarafy only works via Spotify.
- You can modify the genre and mood yourself. That way, you can easily discover different music.

How does Klarafy work?

Klarafy starts from the relatively plausible premise that someone who loves loud, fierce metal, is more likely to enjoy a loud, fierce piece by Wagner than soft, delicate piano music. Klarafy seeks out the affinities, similarities or connections between your favourite music and classical music.

To achieve that, we use:
- Spotify's gigantic music database;
- existing open-source technology that categorizes and analyses music;
- the knowledge of Klara's music curators and musicologists.

To arrive at this 'translation', Klarafy scans your playlist for three criteria:
- your favourite music genre (most common genre);
- the musical mood that prevails in your playlist;
- points of departure determined in advance, such as specific instruments, voice types, etc.

Beethoven Beethoven
Daan Daan


Granted, even if we had all the musical data in the world, the brightest musicologists, technologists, and an unlimited budget... "translating musical taste" would still be nigh impossible. After all, your individual taste is a matter of... taste.


Klarafy is brand-new, so it's open to improvement. If you have ideas about how we can make Klarafy even better, send us an e-mail: klarafy@klara.be.


Klara would like to help you on your way in the world of classical music. The following Klara programmes offer relatively "accessible" classical music: Iedereen Klassiek, Walden, Klassiek Leeft & Boetiek Klassiek. Care for a little more adventure? Then try these Klara programmes that don't just play classical music, but also jazz, experimental, contemporary and so much other music: Django, Promenade, Late Night (Jazz, Lab, World & Shift) en Valckenaers & Vanhoudt.

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Tip: The book and the 10-CD box 'Iedereen Klassiek' is a smart guide that acquaints you with immortal music through big emotions. Klara's music connoisseurs provide background information on the pieces and composers, as well as interesting factoids and a bunch of music recommendations.

We also have a handy user manual for beginners and music lovers with 100 musical terms and 2 CDs. From A to W. By Klara music curator Bart Tijskens